Deferral Program

Have you ever had a race in which you could not race due to an injury, conflicting schedule, or some other reason. Races cost the race company time and money regardless if you show up or not. Example of the costs are:

Item Cost Purchased
Race Medals $5-$10 30-45 Days in advance
Race Shirts $4-$12 9-14 Days in advance
Chip Timing $3-$8 14-21 Days in advance
Food $$$ 5 Days in advance

On top of that we have to purchase things like police support, permits, insurance, staff, volunteers(yes they cost), and more.

As a race company it is not our intention of hurting you financially when you cannot run, however we would lose money on race if we allowed all racers to get a refund a few days prior to the race.

In order to be fair to our racers we are trying a new policy in 2016. We call it a deferral program. If you cannot run for one reason or another you can defer your race entry to a future open race for a $15 fee if you do it prior to 15 days before the race(excluding Bear Lake Brawl Full/Half which is $50/50Days). Sorry we cannot for any reason refund any race fees. We will not be able to do anything once you have hit 15 days prior because we have started to stuff packets, do final orders and get your race ready for you. We hope this policy helps you. This must be done electronically online and is accessible via the individual websites under their deferment tab. We will not be doing it manually and it is only available for the races open. We will try to stay 13 months ahead so you can defer your race to the next year if you would like. This is a huge risk as a race company and we are the only race company we know of that is adding it in 2016. We hope it is a benefit to you and not a lot of work to manage for us. Remember transfers are free with On Hill Events so you can give your entry to someone else or change to another race and give it to someone else for the $15 fee. We hope this helps you as a racer to register during early bird pricing so it helps us plan out your race and the early bird price is often much less than late registration fees.

Thanks for racing with On Hill Events.

See refund policy for full details on this.

Deferring a race must be done on the website for the race you originally registered for. Once there go to the contact us drop down and click on self management or defer tab. If it is not there it will be on the registration page. Look for this icon to self manage your registration and/or defer.




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Refund Policy