3% Facebook Sharing - We give all those that register a chance to share that they are participating in a race by sharing it on Facebook. If they do it while in the registering process on RaceEntry they will get 3% off their race entry. These discounts are only good once per registration so if you register many people you will have to do them one at a time for the discount.
10% Refer a Friend - We know that bringing a friend is the best way to run a race and for us to build a race so we give you a 10% discount if you refer a friend. The only way you can do this is after the registration process. After you register you will receive a Hyperlink in your confirmation email. This Hyperlink looks and feels the same as they registration page on RaceEntry however your link is unique to you. If someone uses it to register you will get 10% back on the credit card you used to register each time until you refer 10 friends making your race 100% free!!! We hope this helps groups to register and helps spread the word on a race. Sorry not valid with relay runs.






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